WARRIOR Workshops
with Jill Hope


Thinking about getting certified to be a WARRIOR Rhythm™ or WARRIOR Strength™ Instructor? Ready to bring a fresh new format to your gym or studio? Our Master Trainer led Workshops are the perfect place to start!

These 2-hour mini-trainings will give you a deeper understanding of our unique programs. With in-person and virtual offerings, we guarantee you will enjoy this experience.

Plan on getting sweaty, taking a deep dive into our programming and then having an opportunity to ask questions.

20.00 USD 14.45 GBP plus tax

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What You Can Expect

  • An awesome workout with Jill
  • Regression and progression strategies that leave all levels feeling successful
  • A deep look into WARRIOR programming and design
  • HUGE discounts and incentives to get certified
  • Q&A

What You Will Need

Your Master Trainer will email you directions to the event. Bring a yoga mat, water, a sweatshirt or light jacket, and something to take notes with!

If virtual: You will need access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an active internet connection (1Mbps recommended). Experience may not be optimal on a phone or smaller device so we urge you to use a desktop whenever possible.

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Master Trainer Events with Jill Hope

Master Trainer Workshops

These Master Trainer workshops are for people interested in teaching OR for brand enthusiasts who want to learn more about the program, the science, and take an incredible opportunity to sweat with one of our best PROS!