WARRIOR Strength Descriptions and Logos

WARRIOR Strength Class Description:

WARRIOR Strength™ is for all levels and all types who want to sweat and feel their muscles burn! With 30 and 60 minute options, playlists that literally rock, and original formulas WARRIOR Strength is a one-of-a-kind endorphin rush!

Cardio Countdown

6-5-4-3-2-1! In six challenging stations, this 30-minute HIIT class will scorch calories! CARDIO COUNTDOWN is functional training that follows a consistent formula making time fly. With an emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning, this class is all about maximal caloric expenditure in a short amount of time. 

Get Pumped

In just 30 minutes, this mobility and strength-based class will tighten, tone, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles! GET PUMPED stations follow unique formulas that are smart, fun, and ever-evolving.

For Instructors:

Tired of spending time at home memorizing choreography? Looking for creative metabolic conditioning that you can roll out quickly and change frequently? Are you passionate about lifting heavy and find “moving to the beat of the music” sometimes impedes your ability to increase load? Wish you could incorporate more of a coaching style into some of your sessions? Feel like CORE and MOBILITY should play a bigger role throughout programming? If you nodded even once, this session is for you!

Sometimes coming up with new ways to teach cardio and weightlifting feels a bit like reinventing the wheel but WARRIOR Strength™ has a fresh approach to the basics. This format is perfect for group exercise or small group training. It is a great solution for the fitpro who is looking for something simple, effective, and smart.

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