Bess's WARRIOR Rhythm 3-Hour "mini" Workshops

Bess's WARRIOR Rhythm Certification Workshop

Bess's WARRIOR Strength 3-Hour "mini" Workshops

Bess's WARRIOR Strength Certification Workshop

Bess Ogden is an avid advocate for lifelong functional fitness. She has completed four Iron-distance triathlons, the first to celebrate her 40th birthday! She is passionate about supporting both mature, experienced athletes, as well as beginning exercisers. Bess absolutely loves being a group fitness instructor. She adores bringing the WARRIOR Rhythm and WARRIOR Strength awesomeness to everyone who wants it. When not working as a full-time business consultant or immersing herself in being part of the WARRIOR community, you will find her with her husband of thirty years, Tom, hiking and backpacking in their beautiful Northern California redwoods, beaches, and mountains.

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