Say hello to Jacqui Wiseman, your WARRIOR Strength Master Trainer in South Jersey. With her background as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, certified by ACE, Jacqui brings a lot of passion and expertise to her classes.

Once upon a time, Jacqui was a K-8 teacher. Even though she's not in the classroom anymore, you can still feel her love for teaching in every session. Leading group fitness classes isn't just a job for her—it's where she finds the most joy.

What sets Jacqui apart is her genuine enthusiasm for the transformative power of WARRIOR Strength. Her favorite part? Watching participants surprise themselves with newfound capabilities. According to Jacqui, the real beauty of the WARRIOR formats is how inclusive they are; they're genuinely for everybody and every body, and that’s not just a catchy tagline. So, if you're ready to discover your strength and be a part of the empowering WARRIOR community, she welcomes you to join her!

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