Laura Castel de Oro-Cameron is a retired Adult Ed teacher who left the classroom for the Group Exercise room in 2014. She lives in San Clemente with her husband of 6 years and they have a giant blended family with 5 grandbabies and another on the way. She has spent her adult life serving others who were willing to show up, do the hard work to improve their circumstances through education, and now continues to do the same for those who want to improve their fitness and overall well-being through exercise. She teaches both virtually and in person at two gyms in Orange County.

Laura is a recovering couch potato who found fitness at the age of 41. It was only when she found that moving to music was and continues to be the magic that not only kept her committed it became the fuel that drives her to share it with others. Being healthy and active is the gift she pays forward. 12 years active and off the couch Laura is devoted to educating other fitness professionals to bring WARRIOR formats to their markets and helping late bloomers like herself safely commit to exercise. WARRIOR Rhythm is customizable for every level of ability and the perfect tool to help her target athletes and fitness pros.

Finding the WARRIOR brands has been life-changing and she is thrilled to join the team of Master Trainers to grow the brand locally and globally

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